"Cymeroid" Research-Educational Platform


“Cymeroid” platform is designed to teach students the basic principles of mobile robotic systems, as well as self-development of applications for research projects.

 For the Students

With the platform “Cymeroid” supplied educational materials, through which students can learn the theoretical and practical aspects of mobile robotic systems.

 For the Research Groups

“Cymeroid” platform facilitates the technical difficulties associated with the development of robotic systems and training to work with them. It is easy to add a new equipment to the robot “Cymeroid”, then you can immediately start developing your applications. Programming of robot systems is performed in a graphical programming environment NI LabVIEW, which allows you to make all the development in a single integrated environment.


5 labs in robotics
Methodical instructions for each lab
Graphical representation of the experimental results

Hardware and software

  • Robot “Cymeroid”
  • NI Single-Board RIO based Controller
  • IP Camera Basler
  • PC with the Monitor
  • WiFi Wireless Network Connection
  • NI LabVIEW 2009 (or higher), NI RIO, NI LabVIEW Real Time, NI LabVIEW FPGA, NI Vision Acquisition software, NI Vision Development module


Practical Exercises

The platform allows to study, in practice, the following tasks:

  • Control of servomotors and DC motors.
  • Acquisition and analysis ofdata from therobot'ssensors
  • Arm management, the study of the direct andinverse kinematics
  • Remote control and remote monitoring of mobile systems
  • Video image acquisition and processing. Object recognition and tracking



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